Tascam announces firmware update for Mixcast 4 podcast station

Tascam will boost the audio production capability of its Mixcast 4 podcast station with built-in recorder / USB audio interface with the release of Version 1.20 firmware update.

The update provides for global voice effects for multiple mic inputs. Users can now apply a global voice effect to all four mic inputs. For example, the Mixcast 4’s pitch shifter can be applied to any or all four mic inputs for special effects. This can be useful for raising or lowering the timbre of a voice for a dramatic effect or to create a podcast featuring various character voices.

Input gain control for USB, Bluetooth, and 3.5mm (1/8th-in) auxiliary input commonly used for accommodating outside calls or to serve as an additional input has been provided. This enables the USB Skype input audio level to be governed by the host controlling the Mixcast 4. Similarly, the input level of a caller connected via Bluetooth or the 3.5mm input can also be controlled.

As a means of preventing audio feedback, the new update also provides for automatic mute on monitor out when the Mixcast 4’s microphone inputs are active. This new feature will support users who use the Mixcast 4 with nearfield monitors, as live microphones will now not be routed to the monitor outputs. This is useful when using the Mixcast 4 and video conferencing.

The audio level display is now indicated in dB (decibels) as opposed to the green/red colour only indicators. By showing the audio level in dB, users now have a more accurate reference for signal strength. The Mixcast 4’s audio ducking capability has also been expanded. The audio ducking control can now be applied to the sound pads for automatic ducking when speaking over music beds or when effects are being played from the sound pads. Lastly, front panel channel buttons are assigned as a Jump function for quick access to individual channel settings.

Tascam plans to make the Mixcast 4 V1.20 firmware update available in February 2022.

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