JBL Professional audio system chosen for Royal China, India

Royal China, a fine dining restaurant in Kolkata, India, was seeking an audio solution for its dining area as well as a club space. It recognised during the design phase that due to the low ceilings in the venue, it required a compact solution that would perform while not distracting from the décor. The owners of Royal China worked with Sighapandi Electronics to install a JBL Professional network audio system featuring JBL loudspeakers, JBL and Crown amplifiers and a BSS signal processor.

Jagjeet Singh Bhatti from Sighapandit Electronics said: “The ceiling height of 9ft was a big challenge. We obviously had to be very careful about reflections in the live room and ensure that the direct-to-reverberant sound ratio was kept high for every audience member.”

Sighapandi Electronics chose four JBL AM7212/95 loudspeakers with two JBL ASB6125 subwoofers for the club area. Sighapandi Electronics also designed brackets for the JBL AM7212/95 loudspeakers, as there was no option to fly the speakers with such a low ceiling.

In the restaurant, the team installed twelve JBL 8128 in-ceiling loudspeakers along with four JBL 8124 in-ceiling loudspeakers.

The system was powered by a BSS BLU50 signal processor. Additionally, the team installed two Crown XTI 6002 amplifiers in the club, as well as one JBL Libra 500 amplifier and one JBL Libra 250 amplifier in the restaurant. These amplifiers provide user control over frequency, gain and filter type for system-specific tuning.

Rishi Bajoria, owner of Royal China, said: “The speakers that were suggested initially were huge. Given the fact that there was a space constraint, we asked Singhpandit Electronics to take another look at the design. They came back to us with a new design using slightly smaller speakers and high-fidelity sound. When we turned the system on, we were amazed.”

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