Inavate + Leyard: Game changer

Norman Lao details how Leyard’s advancements in Micro LED technology will be meeting the increasingly exacting standards of end users across a wide range of applications.

Technological breakthroughs mean nothing unless they make an impact when applied. This is a fact that Leyard knows well. With its latest step forward in the realm of Micro LEDs in the shape of the TX series, Leyard is looking to significantly change the LED market.

Norman Lao, CEO of Leyard APAC, offers details: “The market is moving forward towards 4K and 8K UHD standards which cover multiple technical aspects such as physical resolution, HDR or high dynamic range, HFR or high frame rates, wide colour gamut and this is being paired with panoramic 3D sound. The TX platform products are completely designed in accordance with 4K and 8K UHD commercial display applications. They are true Micro LED displays designed and produced in accordance with the highest performance levels that the market is demanding and once again they are an industry-leading offering from Leyard.”

Lao continues: “And it isn’t just about the LED display. A lot of developments in the wider technology industry are all coming together to create a perfect storm. New developments such as 5G, IoT, AI are creating new applications in the industrial, commercial, entertainment, military, medical and big data sectors. The common factor across all these avenues is that they require displays that can deliver higher resolutions in conjunction with high frame rates, 3D, DCI colour and bring interactive capabilities. This is where Leyard’s TX series comes in. We are confident of pushing the pixel pitch limits even further to bring the best resolution coupled with support for HDR, HFR 120Hz, active 3D display functionality and DCI P3 colour gamut.”

Lao believes that with the advancements made by Leyard with Micro LEDs will make it the preferred display technology across the board. He says: “The trend in the video display market has been in favour of LED when compared with LCD or DLP. LCD is an old technology and there has been no significant technological development. Contrast that with Leyard’s steps forward in Micro LEDs with the TX series. I truly believe that it raises the bar with regards to performance and it has more reliability with a longer life span and lower cost of use. With this proposition, I think very soon we will find Leyard’s displays gaining even more market share in the corporate and control room applications.”

Lao continues: “And if you look at the TX series it has a lot of advantages over projection as well. Brightness is very critical in order to create attention, which is essential for applications such as those in the visitor attraction segment, and the TX series can reach 2,000 nits with low power. Projectors require regular service and have environmental restrictions as to where they can be placed, and the TX series does not have the same limitations. But most importantly, we have paid special attention to create a product that delivers exceptional performance. The TXC series of the TX platform provides a pixel-level, arc-shaped, small-pitch display that can achieve a pixel-level arc with a 0.7mm dot pitch and a 1.5m radius. Pixel-level arc display technology has not yet been seen in the market and this curved design is one feature that will be of interest for the visitor attractions.”

Lao concludes: “As I mentioned, there are a lot of new technologies which create new applications in the industrial, commercial, manufacturing, military, medical and entertainment spheres. But the constant is that they all have a higher level of demand in micro size which needs greater pixel resolution to create displays for design, training, demonstrations and much more. With our steps forward, Leyard is ready to meet their demands.

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