HTC’s ’˜Next Normal’ sees Vive XR support a socially distanced world

HTC has developed a suite of products to deliver XR experiences for virtual meetings, offices, lectures and exhibitions.

In a hybrid event ‘Journey into the Next Normal’ - staged physically in Shanghai and online through the Engage virtual events platform - the technology company announced the Vive XR Suite. It comprises five separate applications covering remote collaboration, productivity, events, social and culture. 

The five applications are Vive Sync, Vive Sessions, Vive Campus, Vive Social, and Vive Museum. 

Uses won’t need VR/AR devices to access them, with some applications even supporting smartphone operation. However HTC does recommend PC VR or standalone VR devices for the best experience. All apps can be accessed via a single account. 

The Vive XR Suite is planned for a third quarter 2020 in China, with additional regions to follow throughout the year. Watch the launch below.

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