Christie visual solutions bring Dai culture to life in Yunnan

Eight Christie M Series projectors were installed in the Dai Show Theatre in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province to deliver a vivid showcase of lifelike images and colour to visitors. The Dai Show Theatre has been developed by Chinese conglomerate Wanda Group.

Eight Christie DS+14K-M 3DLP projectors, each boasting a brightness of 14,000 centre lumens, have been installed above the theatre to ensure maximum effect. Christie’s trusted partner, Wincomn Technology, undertook the role of design, systems integration, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the projection system.

Tony Chen, general manager at Wincomn Technology, said: “The end-user had very high expectations of the projection system, and we had to deploy our most experienced teams to ensure that the high standards expected in terms of systems design, stagecraft and artistic effects were perfectly executed, so that the vivid and realistic images can immerse the audience in this mythical world. The Christie DS+14K-M projectors deployed had also performed excellently throughout the installation and commissioning phase.”

Chen said the Christie DS+14K-M projectors were selected due to their ability to clearly display images with great details in high resolutions and produce the bright and vibrant images needed for the show. He said: “We complemented the Christie DS+14K-Ms with projector yokes and the latest VYV tracking system; in the end, only eight projectors were required to make the show a success, instead of 20 units originally planned.”

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