Christie solutions used at Chinese 3D dome theatre

Christie solutions are being used to provide a virtual flight ride at a new 3D dome theatre located at Badaling, the site of the most visited section of the Great Wall of China, in the outskirts of urban Beijing.

Known as the “Dreams of the Great Wall 3D Dome Theater,” it was developed by Beijing-based SanXian Culture Holdings Co., Ltd with the objective of integrating cultural tourism and entertainment with state-of-the-art projection, audio, and motion technologies to provide an extraordinary experience for visitors exploring the Great Wall of China.

The theatre features a 180-degree dome measuring 18m in diameter. The visuals are powered by Christie Boxer 4K30 3DLP projectors delivering images in 6K resolution. Coupled with realistic surround sound and six-axis motion seats, patrons can expect a highly immersive sensory experience as they enjoy a breath-taking flight across China to explore the origins and sights of the Great Wall.

Ten Boxer 4K30 projectors, each boasting 30,000 centre lumens, were installed around the theatre to ensure maximum effect. Christie’s partner, Wincomn Technology, undertook the crucial role of design, systems integration, installation and commissioning of the projection system at this highly-anticipated venue.

Tony Chen, general manager at Wincomn Technology, said: “The end-user had very high expectations of the projection system and our task was to create a high quality 3D dome theatre featuring bright and colourful visuals by Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors to complement realistic audio and motion effects. Our design and engineering teams completed the project in six months and were meticulous in ensuring that the high standards were met. We are honored to play a role in the completion of the world’s first 3D dome theater with motion seats, and are pleased that the Boxer 4K30s had performed admirably throughout the installation and commissioning phase.”

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