APG strengthens presence in Asia

APG is strengthening its presence in Asia with a range of efforts and activities. In Southeast Asia, APG has appointed Hai Hung as its exclusive dealer company for Vietnam. Phung Duy, CEO of Hai Hung, has stated that there are a number of APG projects being pursued in the country.

APG also took the opportunity offered by Prolight + Sound Guangzhou to meet with its Asian partners. BV Cam and TR Audio representing China, Sound Place coming from South Korea, APG's two joint ventures (APG North East Asia & APG South East Asia) as well as APG France convened at the exhibition.

APG’s recently appointed Chinese partner, TR Audio reported that demand for APG products is growing for the nightclub segment. The company has handled the sound installation for 0760 Club and stated that at least five more clubs have been convinced by the APG sound.

Serving clients from the rental and live event sector as well as TV entertainment market, BV Cam announced a new showroom in Beijing, China.

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