Tim Kridel: Insight job

Big data is a sprawling, emerging category of services. Tim Kridel explores how AV firms can use big data for new revenue and differentiation opportunities.

Real estate is one of the biggest expenses for most businesses. It’s also an example of how AV firms can use big data to help clients minimise those expenses.

Sources of big data run the gamut, from platforms that track bookings of conferencing rooms and usage of the AV gear in them, to retail surveillance systems that collect shopper demographics. And those are just some of the ones involving traditional AV devices. For example, some AV firms have expanded into non-traditional applications such as building management systems for HVAC. Those applications involve systems that also can be sources of big data.

All big data applications have the same basic approach and goal: collect and analyse unholy amounts of information to ferret out insights that otherwise would be missed, and then make business decisions based on those insights. It sounds like a can’t-miss concept, which is why so many verticals and professions have been using big data for years.

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